What makes Little Grips any different from the current eating utensils on the market?

Little Grips is the only eating utensil designed just for toddlers. It is not an adult utensil that was just made smaller. Most children ready to start using utensils will pick it up and, without any prompting on your part, will instinctively know how to use it.

If my child uses Little Grips won't that make it harder for him to adjust to a "regular" utensil later on?

No. Just as your child will learn to do many thing with their hands, Little Grips helps make it easier to learn how to eat using a utensil. As your child masters this skill using Little Grips it will be easy for them to transition into using other “regular" utensils.

What age should children start using Little Grips?

We recommend that Little Grips be the first utensil your child uses. Most children begin using utensils around 12 months old.

Are Little Grips safe?

Yes. Unlike traditional toddler utensils, Little Grips have a no choke safety design with rounded edges to help prevent the utensil going too far back in your child’s mouth. Just remember to always supervise your child while he or she is eating.

Are Little Grips dishwasher safe?

Yes. They may be washed in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Does it matter if my child is a leftie?

No. Little Grips have been designed to be used in either hand.

Why is there no bend in the Little Grips fork?

The Little Grips fork has been designed without the typical bend so there is no top or bottom and the fork can easily be used in either hand and enter the mouth from any direction.

What are Little Grips made from?

Little Grips are made from the same materials all other utensils on the market are made from, high quality plastic and stainless steel. Little Grips have been independently tested by a U.S. lab to conform to all U.S. Laws and meet or exceed all U.S. Laws and Guidelines. Little Grips are BPA Free.

What if I don't like my Little Grips?

If you are not completely satisfied with your Little Grips – we offer a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back – simply return your Little Grips and we will refund your purchase price, less processing and handling.